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Craftwell Fabrics is an online fabric thrift store based out of Austin, TX and is the offspring of Crafting Wellness.  All of our fabric, supplies, and notions are sourced directly from crafters for crafters.  We are currently working to establish a retail storefront, workshop classroom, and community gathering space in the near future. 


Our Mission & Values

To craft a more creative and caring world by improving access to affordable crafting supplies, increasing educational opportunities, reducing environmental waste, and supporting connections in the crafting community.


All crafts are good crafts. However, our primary focus is fiber and textile crafts. We want to increase community access to affordable craft supplies while supporting learning opportunities.


Whether it's caring for items from your stash, caring for the environment, or caring for the fellow crafting community we are passionate about providing genuine kindness and respect to all.


We believe that crafting is a powerful tool for emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. Crafting builds confidence while helping reduce chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and depression.


The crafting community is vast, diverse, and invaluable.  We strive to be an inclusive and welcoming community that values the experiences, identities, and creative expression of everyone.



My name is Leeann Terwilliger and I'm the owner of Craftwell Fabrics.

Craftwell Fabrics was established in 2021 because I needed more creative outlets to help me cope with burnout working as a psychotherapist during the pandemic.  Sewing and crafting has been a constant and meaningful tool throughout my life and I'm passionate about sharing both my clinical knowledge and crafting experience to help support and empower others to develop new creative skills.

My Story

I got my first sewing machine when I was 7 years old.  With my mother's help I quickly learned how to sew clothes for my Barbie's.  I was a very curious and creative child that was constantly at the library seeking out craft books to teach myself new skills, turning pencils into makeshift knitting needles during art class, mastering every friendship bracelet knot imaginable, or sewing myself endless scrunchies.

My childhood was put on hold when I was diagnosed with bone cancer at 10 years old.  The next year of my life I spent a lot of time sick in bed from chemotherapy or recovering from numerous surgeries.  Crafting became an escape for me during this time.  It gave me distraction from the realities of cancer, an outlet for stress, and it unknowingly taught me confidence, grounding and self-soothing skills.  It helped save my life.

Ever sine I have pursued careers in creative and helping professions.  My very first job was working in a fabric store.  I was a volunteer sewing teacher for refugee women and a T-Shirt Chef at The T-Shirt Deli, Co. in Chicago.  I co-founded Broads and Boards, a non-profit that empowers women and non-binary individuals in woodworking.  For the past 10 years I've been working as a social worker and own private practice  Crafting Wellness, which specializes in trauma therapy and empowering individuals to access and nurture their creativity to cope with the challenges of life.


I have now reached a period where my live has become full circle where once again sewing and crafting has saved my life.  It has helped me cope with personal and professional burnout from the pandemic, connect with a supportive and creative community, and a sense of peace I haven't felt since childhood.  Craftwell Fabrics is my way of helping others craft their own calm.

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